The iPhone 15 Pro Max and its larger counterpart are Apple’s latest phones. Including a new color combination, these smooth, lightweight gadgets look stunning and feel fantastic in the hand thanks to their Grade 5 titanium frames. Unlike the stainless steel in previous Pro models, this alloy is lighter and more durable, enabling thinner bezels around the display screens and faster cordless charging. Nevertheless, no phone is immune to damage, and the most obvious way to keep your financial investment safe is with a case.
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Fortunately, there are a lot of great alternatives out there to select from. The very best ones are developed to match the new colors of the iPhone 15 and supply both MagSafe compatibility and rugged security. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites, consisting of one with an antimicrobial treatment that assists tamp down smells and another that is made from recycled plastics.
Made from a distinct fine-woven material, this case is both lightweight and strong. It’s also suitable with MagSafe devices and Qi battery chargers. It includes built-in magnets that align perfectly with the iPhone 15 Pro Max for a wonderful connect experience and faster wireless charging whenever. The case is likewise checked to guarantee it meets Apple’s rigorous environmental standards, including preventing mercury, PVC, phthalates and beryllium.
If you like the idea of a light, clear case for your iPhone, however are worried about securing it from drops and other damages, check out this choice from Case-Mate. It’s made from a clear polycarbonate that lets you see the lovely color of your iPhone, while likewise offering strong drop security. Its grippy rubber edges also assist you hang on to your gadget with ease.
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You can get the iPhone 15 Pro Max in several colors, however if you’re getting the natural metal version, you’ll wish to include this protective case to your collection. The manufacturer calls it “natural titanium,” but we consider it as the Oppenheimer to the Barbie of the brand-new iPhones. Black titanium, white titanium and blue titanium are also offered, but these dark colors aren’t as attractive.
This case from Speck isn’t simply light and thin, but it’s also made from environmentally friendly materials, consisting of flax shive and a plant-based biopolymer. It’s a fully recyclable and compostable item, which makes it a great choice for anybody attempting to reduce their impact on the planet. It’s likewise antimicrobial, helping tamp down smells and making it easier to clean up.
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The slim and protective Totallee Clear iPhone 15 Pro Max Case is the thinnest MagSafe case on the marketplace, at simply 0.04 inches thick. It likewise offers shock absorption and bumpers positioned tactically around the video camera range to safeguard your screen from scratches and bumps. And it features a lifetime warranty that gives you a free replacement if something happens to your device. The case is a little costly, but it deserves the financial investment if you’re looking for a high-quality case that’s slim and transparent.